No Uber Monday 4/9/2017 Strike Results.

“No Uber Monday!”, Drivers’ Log-OFF protest organised by RSDU on 4 September 2017, was successfully completed. Thousands of drivers from all across the country took part in the action and logged off from their Uber driver app between 6:30am and 5pm.

This was RSDU’s 4th organised strike since February this year and we are yet to hear an acceptable response to our demands from Uber management.

Our first strike took place 27/2/2017, second strike on 14/3/2017, third strike 10/4/2017, 4th strike 4/9/2017. We are planning on continuing our actions until our concerns are fully addressed.

We are happy to announce a major development, as a direct result of this latest country wide strike. GoCatch taking the lead and announcing uniform sustainable base rates Australia wide. We look forward to seeing other operators like Hi-Oscar matching these base rates and Uber management finally come to their senses, increasing Uber’s base rates and leading the way.

The RSDU intends to continue and fight for best drivers interest, for a sustainable and viable Ride-share industry in Australia.

Thank you for all the drivers who took part in the strike action today. Our hats are off to you!

Stay united! Stay tuned!

Max B. – Head of RideShare Drivers United

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