RSDU in the news… Read The Age Article on our “NO Uber Tuesday” Protest

What happens when Uber drivers go on strike?

Melbourne could find out on Tuesday, after a group called Ride Share Drivers United put out a city-wide call for disgruntled Uber drivers to “log off” all day in a protest against claimed poor pay and working conditions.

The group argued in a statement that Uber drivers are increasingly squeezed financially and that the “contractor” arrangement Uber employs them by strips them of any bargaining power.

A published list of demands includes an increase in minimum rates of pay, a limit to the hours a driver can work in a shift, and a softening of the deactivation policy that bans low-rated drivers from using the ride-share app.

[Click here to read the full article over The Age]

[Click here to read the full article over The Sydney Morning Hearld]


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