Strike End, Members Address – Wednesday 22/8/2018 – 3 to 5pm

Thank you to all the drivers from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart, who took a stand today and switched OFF their Uber app between the hours of 3 to 5pm. You have sent Uber and our politicians yet again a strong message today, a message they should no longer ignore.

An estimated 16,000 drivers took part in the strike today, from all around the country. It was great to see (most) other rideshare operators upping the incentives during the times of the strike, to both drivers and passengers. We hope you’ve made the most of it. We hope passengers made the most of it.

The new ride share operators are gaining more market share fast but Uber unfortunately still holds close to 90% of the ride share market and set the low standards and unsustainable base rates. The reason Uber must be brought into order if we really want to see a healthy, sustainable ride-share industry in Australia.

Uber claimed today over the media yet again they are working with their “independent partner” drivers, providing them with various feedback channels, support lines, roundtable meetings etc. but as many drivers will attest these channels are just a media PR and a waste of everyone’s time. Drivers feedback is being ignored, drivers are never consulted on upcoming major changes and their contract terms are often considerably changed, with very little notice.

Fact is, drivers working conditions continue to deteriorate in a fast race to the bottom. This after ALL the feedback drivers have been providing Uber for the last 3 years or more, directly and via the press, in Australia and all around the world, in courts and on street demonstrations. Clearly! Uber doesn’t listen to feedback, Uber doesn’t want to listen to drivers feedback. Let’s face it, expecting Uber to really listen and take on board feedback from the very drivers they cynically set to exploit is very unwise. That is Uber business model after all.

Hence the need for us drivers to stay united, take matters into our own hands, protest loud and force Uber to play fair in this country or leave. No doubt, Uber’s management and company mentality are a known problem. It’s a battle when is comes to even the mere basics of drivers working conditions, a strong battle currently being waged in a number of countries around the world on the very same issues.

The RSDU is committed to continuing to work hard, submit additional information to the Fair Work Ombudsman and assist  in their investigation into Uber which the RSDU initiated in June 2017. We are also exploring the option of getting more government departments involved in the process, like the ACCC.

Driver! Our fight is not over, it’s far from over. Uber is a multibillion corporation with a business model that rely on exploiting, shortchanging and cheating YOU the driver. All under the watchful eyes of our government bodies, supposedly responsible to stop corporations from going down such path.

Thanks again to all of you committed brave drivers who took part today and made a stand, insisting on protesting and working together to improve everyone’s working conditions and the future of the rideshare industry in Australia. We are proud of you! We salute you!

Stay tuned, there’s more to come.

Max B. – Ride Share Drivers United

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