Uber “Roundtable Meetings”, are they just a charade?…

One of Uber “roundtable” partner meetings

Following our recent collective actions Uber has started emailing members this week actively promoting their so called “partner roundtables”, asking drivers to register and take part.

Apparently (according to Uber’s letter) such events have been going on for quite some time here in Victoria and in other locations around the country/world.

One cannot help but ask how is it possible that drivers’ most frequent complaints such as POOR UNSUSTAINABLE BASE RATES, unlimited shift hours, unfair deactivation policy (which leave drivers with no job security), or the fact drivers must pay Uber’s GST liabilities have never been addressed by Uber here in Australia for more than a year now?!

Uber’s “loud” calls for more drivers to take part in the “roundtable” meetings is a new development, one which the RSDU (Ride Share Drivers United) consider directly related to our 4 organised Log-OFF protests events to date and the overwhelming national media coverage these events generated.

Unfortunately RSDU is of the view that the so called “roundtables” meetings are still just a media lip service, a charade designed to break any chance of drivers unionization and collective actions. We  therefore call on members to treat these meetings accordingly.

Drivers! Only together can we make a real difference. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Remain united and never hesitate to stand for your rights!

Stay tuned for further RSDU announcements in the coming weeks as we plan to intensify our fight for fair pay and acceptable working conditions, conditions that are on par with the living and fair work standards in Australia.

Disclaimer:  RSDU is a not for profit advocacy group created to lobby and promote the rights and interests of Ride Share Drivers worldwide. RSDU is not a registered Trade Union and should not be perceived as such.


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